Umi Ishihara


Umi Ishihara is an artist and film maker based in London and Tokyo. Her primary focuses are in experimental narrative films and video installations.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Sunglasses Campaign Summer 2019

Campaign Video
Minho, Trystin, Eliot
Kid Fresino

Men’s RTW Campaign II Fall / Winter 2019

Directed by Umi Ishihara.
Styled by Ben Perreira.
Creative Direction: Be Good Studios

Talent: Akinori Toita, Aya Gloomy, Daisaku Hidaka, Dee (Donghee Lee), Elliot Moles le Bailly, Iori, iKON, Kazuki, Kid Fresino, Love, Lucien Clarke, Malick Bodian, Mars89, Minami Asanari, Nomura Shuhei, Nat Gregory, Octavian Essie, Rio Thake, Takanori Iwata, Takato Harashima, Takeyasu Sakuma, Tokada Kayuza, Trystin Valentino, Viral Boy, Wellington Grant, Yuka Yamada.

Location: Tokyo.

Tokyo Garden
Tokyo Video Game

The Garden Apartment

The Garden Apartment is an experimental narrative feature, woven together from a series of long takes and melodramatic exchanges. The film follows young couple Hikari and Taro as they struggle with the financial pressures of life after graduation. Unbeknownst to Hikari, Taro has been accepting support from his eccentric aunt Kyoko - a relationship which leads them both into a nocturnal journey through Tokyo’s liminal spaces.

Love and sadness intersect in The Pioneer, a sci-fi video installation set in an alternate Japan on the cusp of the summer Olympics. The film explores the universal experience of forgetting, juxtaposed against the individual plight of the narrator’s mother, whose condition has steadily declined over the years in an extended, increasingly despondent struggle with early-onset Alzheimer’s. The Pioneer is a love letter to this forgetful mother, a simultaneous symbol of infinite sadness and unparalleled beauty.

The Pioneer (trailer)
The Pioneer (excerpt)

A couple with some issues has just moved into the town. Driving through the town, they saw many “weird” people from a car window. They began to wonder why they had decided to come to this place. They stepped in an old Chinese restaurant and...? This is a story about the "Disgraced Heaven" for the failures, a only utopia in a hellhole.
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